Ashley North


She is a former hairdresser and educator, former college tennis player and coach who got into CrossFit 5 years ago when she was trying to impress some random guy she met in a pool.  Now they are married, raising two girls and  living their best lives.  They moved to MD in 2016 and found the perfect community at Grounded.  She coaches because of the community.  After being a member and
getting so much support she wanted to learn more about CrossFit and share it with others.
– Favorite Lift: Push Press, I mean Push Jerk
– Favorite WOD: Annie
– Spirit Animal: Snow Leopard
– Favorite Color: Red
– Travel Dream: Switzerland
– Bucket List: Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail
 – Greatest personal accomplishment: Being married to my
best friend and our two girls Violet and Hazel