DJ Payne


He was a D1 college baseball player but after college he found himself in a rut, weighing in over 270 lbs. A friend introduced him to CrossFit and a healthier lifestyle.  This  led him on a path to instill life changing habits and  experiences into others.  He remembers Grounded when it was just 3 rowers and 5 barbells.  DJ coaches because he loves meeting new people and helping them achieve  something they may have never been able to do otherwise  from losing 20 bls, doing 100 pullups or seeing themselves as the badass they are.
– Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat
– Favorite WOD: Fran
– Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle
– Favorite Color: Purple
– Travel Dream: Venice, Italy
– Bucket List: Watch a baseball game in every stadium
 – Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best