DJ Payne

DJ entered the workforce after college graduation and quickly found himself in a fitness funk. A few professional baseball try outs didn’t go his way and DJ spiraled into the pizza, beer and Ben and Jerry’s diet. Fast-forward 6 years and he found himself tipping the scale near 250# and a major globo gym docking his bank account every month with little facetime. He needed a change!

DJ finally made health and fitness a priority in 2014 after being introduced to Crossfit. He had a new passion, a new team and a new family. DJ is a big player in our community and can be found planning weekend outings, MCing our local competitions, or just being an overall badass.

As a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Kids Trainer, DJ is always at the box, cracking jokes, high fiving or giving you that queue that clicks during your snatch. Don’t let the beard and tattoos fool you, DJ will probably the first one to greet you with the biggest smile and beaming blue eyes!

He crossfits for two reasons. 1) To experience life fully. The fitness you earn inside the gym supports things outside the gym, you never thought possible. 2) To make one trip from the car to the house with all the groceries.