Jessie Payne


She was a soccer player early on and when she stumbled onto CrossFit she loved that she could continue to be  competitive in the gym and never get bored with a workout.  Jessie is constantly in awe of the members of this gym and  what they are able to complish day in and day out.  The grit and determination is so inspiring to her.  But its the  community that keeps her.  Grounded is her second home.
– Favorite Lift: Squat Clean
– Favorite WOD: Annie!  Its the only one I can beat my
husband in!
– Spirit Animal: Jaguar
– Favorite Color: Black
– Travel Dream: Italy with my mom and husband
– Bucket List: Learn to speak Italian fluently
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best
friend, buying a house, and landing a job as Store Manager
at Lululemon.