Thor Serafenas

Coach Thor Serafenas wins the title of “coolest name” here at Grounded CrossFit. He says his favorite part of coaching at Grounded CrossFit is the community. “You hear this term a lot amongst CrossFit gyms, but I couldn’t imagine a better community than here at Grounded,” he says. “There is a big difference between working out at a gym and working out with a class full of friends. As a coach, having the atmosphere where everyone knows everyone makes our jobs a lot more enjoyable.”

Thor was a NCAA D1 track and field athlete, and he’s always loved playing sports. “I knew that once my collegiate athletic career was over, I wanted to train in a way that increased my fitness, so CrossFit was a natural fit,” he says.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Weightlifting
CPR/AED First Aid