Yvette Xabala-Garriga


Yvette played softball in high school and most of her sports were done with the neighborhood kids playing as much as she could on the weeks.  She was the smallest and most of hte time the only girl but still schooled them in basketball.  She was stationed at Fort Meade and started at Grounded.  She coaches because she wants to impact others the way she was impacted.  She was 162 lbs when
she started CrossFit and it was a game changer.  The coaches taught her invaluable foundational movements and she  wants to see others succeed in things they didn’t think they could do.
– Favorite Lift: All of them
– Favorite WOD: Fran
– Spirit Animal: Are tacos a spirit animal? LOL…the owl
– Favorite Color: Red
– Travel Dream: Ireland
– Bucket List: Sky Diving
 – Greatest personal accomplishment: The ability to rise out
of the situations I was raised in and create the life I have now.