Here at CrossFit Grounded our mission is to help you have fun while achieving your fitness goals. We are committed to working with you on anything you would like to improve. Our trainers have been coached not only to teach the CrossFit movements, but to focus on you as an individual making progress in the way that you want to.

When you arrive at the gym on your first day you will be able to check out the facility, get warmed up and begin the foundations course. At Grounded CrossFit we are not only offering a gym to work out at but a place that you can make into your own. Once you have completed your two weeks of foundations classes the real fun will begin. All workouts are done in groups or as a team. Everyone that is in the class with you will go through the same work out and push through it with you. We have seen how this can develope an extremely postive support system that will help hold you accountable while giving you extra motivation to continue to come back. We can only hope that you will see our vision is more then just to help people accomplish their physical goals but to provide a community that anyone can be part of if they make the choice to give us a shot.

“We are NOT in the FITNESS business. We are in the ACCOUNTABILITY/ WE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE business.”