Meet The Coaches

  • Patrick Reid


    He has always been an active person even as a child, couldn’t sit still. He played basketball, loved skateboarding and would try any sport he had the opportunity to. As the owner of a few businesses with his wife, when he first tried CrossFit, Patrick instantly knew he wanted to open a box. He loves that CrossFit is different every single day. It keeps it exciting. He loves the competitive aspect;
    whether against a friend or just against himself. Patrick feels that Grounded is like one big family.
    – Favorite Lift: Snatch
    – Favorite WOD: I don’t have one. I like them all.
    – Spirit Animal: Mountain Lion
    – Favorite Color: Pink
    – Travel Dream: Bali
    – Bucket List: Visit every continent
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: My family.



    She went from ballet to gymnastics to dance. As an adult found a love for running but after trying CrossFit, was instantly hooked. Natalie loves being able to provide an atmoshpere where people can be a part of a community and get a workout in. CrossFit provides the most aplicable fitness for anyone, whether a seasoned athlete or someone who just walked in the doors. She believes that being functionally competant is of such high importance and wants to reach as
    many people as possible to provide that.
    – Favorite Lift: Squat Clean
    – Favorite WOD: Anything with handstand pushups
    – Spirit Animal: Peacock
    – Favorite Color: Pink
    – Travel Dream: Iceland
    – Bucket List: Visit all National Parks
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: My family

  • DJ Payne


    He was a D1 college baseball player but after college he found himself in a rut, weighing in over 270 lbs. A friend introduced him to CrossFit and a healthier lifestyle. This led him on a path to instill life changing habits and experiences into others. He remembers Grounded when it was just 3 rowers and 5 barbells. DJ coaches because he loves meeting new people and helping them achieve something they may have never been able to do otherwise from losing 20 bls, doing 100 pullups or seeing themselves as the badass they are.
    – Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat
    – Favorite WOD: Fran
    – Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle
    – Favorite Color: Purple
    – Travel Dream: Venice, Italy
    – Bucket List: Watch a baseball game in every stadium
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best



    Kayla was a gymnast for 12 years. After retiring from that sport she didn’t find something she really loved until her husband introduced her to CrossFit. After her first class she was hooked. As a young gymnast she looked up to her coaches and knew as an adult she wanted to be able to help athletes and have an impact on their lives.
    She has found that being a CrossFit coach. Her and her husband found Grounded shortly after moving to MD. After meeting the coaches and energetic athletes they
    knew it was the place for them.
    – Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
    – Favorite WOD: DT
    – Spirit Animal: Deer
    – Favorite Color: Purple
    – Travel Dream: Italy
    – Bucket List: Complete a long race with my husband.



    After jumping around from various sports from baseball, football, soccer; Tony has always been a sport enthusiast. It wasn’t until he found CrossFit that he
    truly found his passion for health and fitness. He found Grounded after moving to Maryland and it was the perfect blend of a challenge, a community and athletic direction. The amount of joy that comes from watching athletes overcome fear and accomplish goals is immeasurable.
    – Favorite Lift: Barbell Squar Clean
    – Favorite WOD: Anything w/ pistols, so “I can beat Pat”
    – Spirit Animal: Wolverine
    – Favorite Color: Red
    – Travel Dream: South America
    – Bucket List: Be a member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: Learning a second
    language, Arabic.


    He ended up in MD as a result of being a military brat. He has a Master’s Degree in Management. He’s loved football and basketball since the age of 6. Ed joined
    Grounded on a previous trial that was offered and it has been home ever since. He coaches to help motivate others. The focus and attention to detail needed as a coach also increases his own ability and appreciation for the movements.
    – Favorite Lift: Back/Front Squat
    – Favorite WOD: Grace with Linda in a close 2nd
    – Spirit Animal: Bear
    – Favorite Color: black
    – Travel Dream: Tahiti
    – Bucket List: Skydiving
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: Remaining balanced
    while growing and dealing with constant change



    She was a soccer player early on and when she stumbled onto CrossFit she loved that she could continue to be competitive in the gym and never get bored with a workout. Jessie is constantly in awe of the members of this gym and what they are able to complish day in and day out. The grit and determination is so inspiring to her. But its the community that keeps her. Grounded is her second home.
    – Favorite Lift: Squat Clean
    – Favorite WOD: Annie! Its the only one I can beat my husband in!
    – Spirit Animal: Jaguar
    – Favorite Color: Black
    – Travel Dream: Italy with my mom and husband
    – Bucket List: Learn to speak Italian fluently
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best friend, buying a house, and landing a job as Store Manager at Lululemon.

  • Marc Winters


    He is currently active dute with 22+ years of service. He has been active in sports and fitness his whole life. He became a coach because he loves the sport and friendly competition and wants to give others the chance to love it as much as he does.
    Marc loves helping others reach their goals and seeing them achieve thier goals helps motiviate him to continue to grow as a coach. He started CrossFit in 2013 and fell in love with it immediately.
    – Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
    – Favorite WOD: Anything with a barbell
    – Spirit Animal: Wolf
    – Favorite Color: Orange
    – Travel Dream: California’s Redwood
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: Accepting Jesus as my Lord  and Savior

  • Doug North


    Doug received his CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2017 and has been coaching at Grounded ever since.  He played hockey and golf through high school and grew up playing baseball.
    He has stayed active from college and beyond due to his 17 years in the Army.  He reached out to Grounded when his family moved to the area and has been here ever since.
    – Favorite Lift: Deadlift
    – Favorite WOD: Annie
    – Spirit Animal: Wolf
    – Favorite Color: Green
    – Travel Dream: Istanbul, Turkey
    – Bucket List: African Safari with his family
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: His family
  • Ashley North


    She is a former hairdresser and educator, former college tennis player and coach who got into CrossFit 5 years ago when she was trying to impress some random guy she met in a pool.  Now they are married, raising two girls and living their best lives.  They moved to MD in 2016 and found the perfect community at Grounded.  She coaches because of the community.
    After being a member and getting so much support she wanted to learn more about CrossFit and share it with others.
    – Favorite Lift: Push Press, I mean Push Jerk
    – Favorite WOD: Annie
    – Spirit Animal: Snow Leopard
    – Favorite Color: Red
    – Travel Dream: Switzerland
    – Bucket List: Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail
     – Greatest personal accomplishment: Being married to my
    best friend and our two girls Violet and Hazel
  • Yvette Zabala-Garriga


    Yvette played softball in high school and most of her sports were done with the neighborhood kids playing as much as she could on the weeks.  She was the smallest and most of hte time the only girl but still schooled them in basketball.  She was stationed at Fort Meade and started at Grounded.
    She coaches because she wants to impact others the way she was impacted.  She was 162 lbs when she started CrossFit and it was a game changer.  The coaches taught her invaluable foundational movements and she wants to see others succeed in things they didn’t think they could do.
    – Favorite Lift: All of them
    – Favorite WOD: Fran
    – Spirit Animal: Are tacos a spirit animal? LOL…the owl
    – Favorite Color: Red
    – Travel Dream: Ireland
    – Bucket List: Sky Diving
     – Greatest personal accomplishment: The ability to rise out
    of the situations I was raised in and create the life I have now.
  • Tiffany Kraisser


    Growing up Tiffany played a variety of sports from gymnastics, to lacrosse to basketball with her longest commitment to competitive horseback riding.  She coaches because for her, its about a lot more than lifts and movements, its about the people and the impact that
    can be made in their lives.  She says there is nothing better than seeing someone complete something they previously thought they were incapable of, or accomplish something in their personal lives.
    – Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
    – Favorite WOD: Grace
    – Spirit Animal: Betty White becasue she is Betty White
    – Favorite Color: Purple
    – Travel Dream: See more of the US
    – Bucket List: Sky Diving; who wants to go?
  • Mathias Boddicker


    As a kid, he was heavier and never quite good at sports. In 7th grade he found the weight room and began lifting. He fell in love with loving things heavier than himself and hasn’t stopped since.  From there he got into a few sports and eventually found Crossfit.  He coaches because he loves helping people be the best person they can be.
    He got tired of globo gym scenes and Coach Kayla finally convinced him to drop in at Grounded (AMRAP of DL at 225, box jumps, and burpees) and he loved it.
     – Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
    – Favorite WOD: JT
    – Spirit Animal: Bull
    – Favorite Color: Blue
    – Travel Dream: New Zealand
    – Bucket List: Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Meredith Von Lindenberg

    Accountability Manager

    Meredith played a ton of sports in school, mainly field hockey.  She tarted working at Grounded and simultaneously began her own fitness journey.  She has since lost 50 lbs. and 10% body fat.
    She loves being an accountability person for the members at Grounded.  She knows she is helping them get past their own barriers and begin channging their lives just like she did.
    Her own fitness journey is just getting started and she is thrilled to be side by side with members every day.
    – Favorite Lift: Bench Press and Sumo Squat Deadlift
    – Favorite WOD: Any sprint related time cap
    – Spirit Animal: Sloth- I like to take my time and not be in a rush.
    – Favorite Color: Turquoise
    – Travel Dream: Bora Bora
    – Bucket List: Sky Diving
    – Greatest personal accomplishment: My weight loss journey.  It hasn’t been easy but I’ve never felt stronger or healthier  thanI do now.


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