Stay Humble. Stay Grounded.

Hanover’s Premier CrossFit Facility

If you’re as tired of those uber-competitive gyms as we are, then you’re going to LOVE working out at Grounded CrossFit. We are a 100% judgement-free zone that believes that fitness should be FUN, not intimidating.

We’re a gym for the 99%, as we like to say. We love and train elite athletes, but most of our members are moms and dads, cubicle warriors, retirees, professionals, and other people with real lives who also want to be fit and feel good. We know you’re stealing a few precious hours from your busy schedule to come here, so we go above and beyond to make sure you’re having A GREAT TIME while you’re getting strong.

Our classes are engaging, challenging, and you will find yourself laughing a lot while you’re here. We focus on safety above all else, because sitting out with an injury is quite literally the opposite of enjoying yourself.

Our events are locally famous and we get HUGE turnouts, because hey, we know how to throw a party. This is your invite – Come see us!

Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.

Before and After Grounded CrossFit