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He was a D1 college baseball player but after college he found himself in a rut, weighing in over 270 lbs. A friend introduced him to CrossFit and a healthier lifestyle. This led him on a path to instill life changing habits and experiences into others. He remembers Grounded when it was just 3 rowers and 5 barbells.

DJ coaches because he loves meeting new people and helping them achieve something they may have never been able to do otherwise from losing 20 bls, doing 100 pullups or seeing themselves as the badass they are.

– Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat
– Favorite WOD: Fran
– Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle
– Favorite Color: Purple
– Travel Dream: Venice, Italy
– Bucket List: Watch a baseball game in every stadium
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best friend.

Grounded Crossfit Coach


After jumping around from various sports from baseball, football, soccer; Tony has always been a sport enthusiast. It wasn't until he found CrossFit that he truly found his passion for health and fitness. He found Grounded after moving to Maryland and it was the perfect blend of a challenge, a community and athletic direction.

The amount of joy that comes from watching athletes overcome fear and accomplish goals is immeasurable.
– Favorite Lift: Barbell Squar Clean
– Favorite WOD: Anything w/ pistols, so “I can beat Pat”
– Spirit Animal: Wolverine
– Favorite Color: Red
– Travel Dream: South America
– Bucket List: Be a member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Learning a second language, Arabic.

Grounded Crossfit Coach


He ended up in MD as a result of being a military brat. He has a Master's Degree in Management. He's loved football and basketball since the age of 6. Ed joined Grounded on a previous trial that was offered and it has been home ever since. He coaches to help motivate others.

The focus and attention to detail needed as a coach also increases his own ability and appreciation for the movements.

– Favorite Lift: Back Squat
– Favorite WOD: Grace with Linda in a close 2nd
– Spirit Animal: Bear
– Favorite Color: black
– Travel Dream: Tahiti
– Bucket List: Skydiving
– Biggest CF accomplishment: 500 lb back squat and losing 60 pounds (thanks Pat!!!)
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best friend (it’s not cheesy if it’s true.)

Grounded Crossfit Coach


Joe grew up playing ice hockey for his high school. His team's first off-ice workout happened to be at a CrossFit gym. He was hooked after his first WOD and returned to the next team workout to find out he was the only one to show up, he's been doing CrossFit ever since.

He continued CrossFit into college, joining the Blue Hen CrossFit Club at the University of Delaware and competing against Penn State and Villanova semi-annually.

He coaches because he loves helping people accomplish thie goals and watching them succeed. “It never gets easier, you just get stronger.”

– Favorite Lift: Clean
– Favorite WOD: Murph or 100 burpees for time
– Spirit Animal: Gorilla
– Favorite Color: blue
– Travel Dream: Italy
– Bucket List: Jet Ski Miami to Exuma
– Greatest Accomplishment: Co-Founding University of Delaware’s Bass Fishing Team

Grounded Crossfit Coach


After struggling to find motivation to workout after having her daughter, Donisha's husband brought her into Grounded to try something new. She has been hooked ever since. It has brought on a new meaning to her fitness because there's always a new workout or movement to master.

Not only that but the people to your left and right will always keep you humble and accountable.

She chose to coach because of the satisfaction she gets while helping others reach their fitness goals.

– Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
– Favorite WOD: DT
– Spirit Animal: Tupac
– Favorite Color: Red
– Travel Dream: Egypt
– Bucket List: Backpack through the Tour du Mont Blanc (120 miles long)
– Greatest personal accomplishment: My beautiful daughter.

Grounded Crossfit Coach


He has enjoyed athletics for as long as he can remember thank to his dad. From skiing to tennis to ultimate frisbee to mountain biking and hiking, he has always been active. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2015. After seeing an ad for a Six Week Challenge he ended up a Grounded.

John coaches to help others achieve their goals, even the ones they might not be aware of.

When giving an athlete a cue that enables them to succeed in a skill for the first time, their “thank you” is one of the best rewards he’s ever had.

– Favorite Lift: Front Squat
– Favorite WOD: Anything with agility and gymnastics
– Spirit Animal: Red-tailed Hawk
– Favorite Color: Neon Green
– Travel Dream: California to Ski and Surf in the same day.
– Bucket List: Solo Sky Dive
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Owning a home with my beautiful wife, two German Shepherds while completing the CF-L1, becoming a coach, and working toward my MBA.

Grounded Crossfit Coach


Kailey started playing soccer at the age of 2 and continued until 18. She stopped playing after an injury. She was introduced to CrossFit at Grounded by her mom and finally found something she loved as much as soccer and was hooked after her first class.

She wanted to coach because it gives her the chance to help others learn about the sport and hopefully bring them the joy that it brings her.

– Favorite Lift: Clean
– Favorite WOD: Anything with HSPU
– Spirit Animal: Lion and Elephant
– Favorite Color: Blue
– Travel Dream: Venice, Dubai and Greece
– Bucket List: Scuba and Sky Dive
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Doing things that make me happy rather than doing things that make others happy.

Grounded Crossfit Coach


He has served in the military since 2005. He found CrossFit in 2015 after a friend quit his job to open a gym in Louisville, KY. He started just before the 2015 Open and after his first Friday Night Lights, he was hooked. He was transferred from Kentucky and was looking for a CrossFit box that emphasized fundamentals and ensured functional movement.

He went to two other gyms but felt like home when he walked into Grounded. His goal is to provide others opportunities that challenge them to exceed themselves.

– Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat
– Favorite WOD: Murph
– Spirit Animal: Falcon
– Favorite Color: Orange
– Travel Dream: Okinawa, Japan
– Bucket List: Travel to watch the Olympics, travel outside of the country, learn to snorkel and scuba dive
– Greatest Accomplishment: Marrying my bride and having my three kids

Grounded Crossfit Kids Coach