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Natalie and Patrick Reid
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Grounded Crossfit Coach


He ended up in MD as a result of being a military brat. He has a Master's Degree in Management. He's loved football and basketball since the age of 6. Ed joined Grounded on a previous trial that was offered and it has been home ever since. He coaches to help motivate others.

The focus and attention to detail needed as a coach also increases his own ability and appreciation for the movements.

– Favorite Lift: Back Squat
– Favorite WOD: Grace with Linda in a close 2nd
– Spirit Animal: Bear
– Favorite Color: black
– Travel Dream: Tahiti
– Bucket List: Skydiving
– Biggest CF accomplishment: 500 lb back squat and losing 60 pounds (thanks Pat!!!)
– Greatest personal accomplishment: Marrying my best friend (it’s not cheesy if it’s true.)

Wynton Crossley

He's always been into sports from a young age; soccer, baseball, football, basketball. As he grew taller he focused more on basketball. With his height growth also came the desire to focus on muscle growth.

He started working at the gym in college to gain further knowledge and by default be in a gym environment more. As Wynton stepped into the work force he went to globo gyms but found it boring and ineffective. Grounded has allowed him to use an hour of time devoted to programming, strength and cardio simultaneously.

“I just show up and do the work and the results followed. What I love about the community is its no bull attitude. Everyone is there to work hard and get better. The random cookouts and beers are a plus too.”

– Favorite Lift: Clean
– Favorite WOD: DT
– Spirit Animal: Wolf
– Favorite Color: Black
– Travel Dream: Tokyo
– Bucket List: Own a fully kitted out garage
– Greatest personal accomplishment: “Being midly
successful at my age.”


She played sports every year, all year up to college and has been an athlete and active her whole life. She met her husband when they were both in college and have been moving every couple years since because of his military career.

They’ve been in Maryland since December 2019 and she decided after about 2 years of hesitating just to walk into a CrossFit gym, that it was finally time and have not looked back since.
Grounded was the closest one to her house and she feels damn lucky to have walked in that first day. She love being a part of a community where everyone is each other’s biggest cheerleader, no matter the skill or strength level. She love as a coach being able to teach others ways to improve and better themselves, physically and mentally. Being a part of the moment when they’ve truly realized they’re making strides in strength and their ability to know that they’re capable of much
more than they initially thought is what is 1000% worth it.

Favorite Lift: Jerk
Favorite Wod: Grettel
Spirit Animal: Turtle – this is what the quiz on google told
me I was…twice
Travel Dream Destination: Greece or Italy
Bucket List: Own a fully loaded Cadillac Escalade
Greatest personal accomplishment: creating my perfect beautiful family with my husband and our daughter


As the middle child of nine siblings, Vi has always been on the go. In high school she played basketball and ran track to stay active. After relocating to Maryland Vi, began feeling homesick and disconnected from her once active self.

After signing up for a six week challenge, Vi walked into Grounded Crossfit and was hooked after the first class! The community at Grounded has helped her discover a much better version of herself than she ever thought possible. Coaching gives her the chance to help others realize their true potential and inspires her to keep challenging herself.

Fav color: Turquoise
Fav lift: Clean
Fav WOD: I LOVE Tabatas!!
Spirit Animal: Flamingo
Travel dream: Paris
Inspirational quote: ” It doesn’t get easier, you get better!”

Grounded Crossfit Coach


After struggling to find motivation to workout after having her daughter, Donisha's husband brought her into Grounded to try something new. She has been hooked ever since. It has brought on a new meaning to her fitness because there's always a new workout or movement to master.

Not only that but the people to your left and right will always keep you humble and accountable.

She chose to coach because of the satisfaction she gets while helping others reach their fitness goals.

– Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
– Favorite WOD: DT
– Spirit Animal: Tupac
– Favorite Color: Red
– Travel Dream: Egypt
– Bucket List: Backpack through the Tour du Mont Blanc (120 miles long)
– Greatest personal accomplishment: My beautiful daughter.


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